Higher Light (Amethyst) Candle

Higher Light (Amethyst) Candle

Higher Light (Amethyst) Candle

A handmade Faith based candle designed to symbolize a precious Stone God has created.

In the Book of Exodus (28:15-20) God sent men to find artisans filled with the gift of wisdom to handcraft and make garments for Aaron, the brother of Moses. one piece was the breastplate a.k.a Breastplate of Judgement.

on the inside the Artisan was to place 12 stones. One of the stones was Amethyst, which was the last stone placed on the third row.

We believe God has created all things and everything has a purpose. With our higher light candles we want an individual to be able to focus and believe in the words: Peace, Energy, Intuition & Balance and good things of God.

For the spirit of Men is like a candle of the Lord.Searching all the inward parts of the belly. -Proverbs 20:27

God knows our hearts, thoughts and desires so it’s important to believe that all things are possible and God works everything out for our good for those who trust and believe.

We hope our Candles can help you connect to the most high and your mind, body and spirit is filled with faith, hope, encouragement and prosperity.

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